Board Members

Our Board Members

Pella Golf and Country Club Board Members are voted on during the November annual meeting and are asked to serve a 3-year term. Board members determine the goals and strategies for the year. Committees made up of board members and the general membership help to achieve those goals.


Club Officers Board of Directors Managers
President: Chris Huston
Vice President: Jim Zylstra
Secretary: Roger Hugen
Treasurer: Randy Sikkema


Jeff Arkema (17)
Tammy Bonnema (17)
John Wisse (17) 
Jeff Bogaards18) 
Chris Huston (18) 
JimZylstra (18)                         Jeff Bogaards18)                         Chris Huston (18)                  Ron Branderhorst (19)      Justin Trenkamp (19)          Dave Wood (19)



Country Club:
Golf Course: Brad Roose